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Meet the founder, Vanessa!


Hi there! I am so happy you're here (and I mean that seriously, this isolation stuff is starting to get to me). I'm Vanessa, the creator of The Handmade Holiday.  

If I look familiar, we may have chatted via my Instagram account, Cottage and Thistle.  Cottage and Thistle is my online shop specializing in both handmade items and vintage inspired cottage and farmhouse decor.  Not surprising since I come from a family of hand makers, I've discovered the handmade side of my business is really where my heart lives, which sparked the idea for The Handmade Holiday.  

The ability to promote small handmade businesses is what makes the craziness of eCommerce worth it! There are SO MANY talented and passionate makers out there that are yet to be discovered by a larger audience. I'm hoping The Handmade Holiday will not only help support their business, but help introduce them to you! 

I hope you'll come along on this journey and see what our hard working makers are creating next! 

x Vanessa